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Spinx to Rebrand 13 Stations to Shell

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The Spinx Co. is partnering with Shell Oil Co. to rebrand 13 gas stations under the Shell brand. While Spinx will not change its in-store offer at these locations, the newly co-branded stations will become redemption locations for the BI-LO fuelperks! program.

The stations to be converted are primarily upstate South Carolina locations that are currently co-branded with another national fuel retailer such as BP, Exxon or Sunoco, according to Spinx. The conversion will occur in multiple phases, the first of which is scheduled to be completed by the end of the first quarter.

Phase 1 includes three locations at 2206 N. Main Street in Anderson, S.C.; 2921 Geer Highway in Marietta, S.C.; and 107 Charlotte Highway in Lyman, S.C. They will become fuelperks! redemption locations immediately upon completion of the rebrand.

"Our customers are savvy; they take advantage of our Spinx Xtras rewards program, as well as the BI-LO fuelperks! program," said Spinx Co. President Stan Storti. "Our customers are price conscious and are looking to save money on gas every day. Through this partnership, we are able to offer more locations where customers can redeem their fuelperks! and save."

Spinx rolled out the Spinx Xtras rewards program in 2011. This signature program offers gasoline discounts for every $25 that customers spend inside the store; for the purchase of monthly Spinx Xtraspecials; and for gasoline purchases when the Xtras debit card is used to pay.

Greenville-based Spinx Co. operates 78 convenience stores in South Carolina.

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