Stan Sheetz on the Importance of People

Stan Sheetz, president & CEO of Sheetz, one of the world's leading petroleum convenience operators with 365 sites in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina, talks to Insight managing director Dan Munford about the importance of people in business. Sponsored by RedPrairie.

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Sheetz, the multi-billion dollar U.S. convenience chain, is focused on developing its employees and unique products, which don’t compete with supermarket rivals.

Those are two of the key messages given by the Sheetz president and CEO.

Asked what motivates him, Sheetz said: “I love what I do, Dan, and I’ve grown up with the business all my life. My father started the company before I was born, so everything I know is Sheetz and it’s just part of me and I look forward every morning to going into work and meeting great people and just trying to do things a little bit better.”

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