Standex CSG Announces New Hires and Promotions

DALLAS -- Standex Cooking Solutions Group announced significant changes to its sales and marketing organization, including the formation of a new team responsible for strategic marketing and brand management.

"We are excited about our new organizational structure and are convinced it will help us improve our relationships with all of our valued customers," Standex stated in a company press release.

The following hiring and promotion announcements were made:

  • David Engel was hired as senior director of marketing and brand management. Previously, Engel worked with San Jamar Chef Revival and Sargento Inc. and has expertise in strategic marketing, brand strategy and innovation.
  • Becky Dubose was promoted to manager of marketing communication/brand management. She will add brand management to her leadership roles in communication efforts and training.
  • Greg Baker was promoted to senior director of key accounts and international sales. Baker will lead sales efforts for chain accounts and growing regional accounts. He will also lead international sales and distribution efforts.
  • Bruce Deckard was promoted to senior director of national sales. Deckard will take the lead in distribution sales efforts and key dealer relationships. He will also oversee the group's regional directors and independent manufacturer's representatives.
  • Mike Dowell was promoted to senior director of convenience store and targeted accounts. He will continue to lead sales efforts in the c-store consumer channels and other identified non-traditional channels.

Standex also announced that Lyall Newby, vice president of sales, resigned in pursuit of another opportunity in the industry. He was thanked for providing a smooth transition to the new team of senior sales directors.

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