Starbucks Mobile Ordering & Pay Rolls Out This Month

SEATTLE — Starbucks will launch mobile ordering and payment for users of Android devices sometime in September, reported the Seattle Times. It also plans to roll out this feature at company-operated stores across the United States by the end of the month, according to Chief Financial Officer Scott Maw.

This marks a faster implementation of the feature than originally planned, as Starbucks previously intended to release the Android mobile feature around the holidays and complete the national rollout by the end of the year. The sped-up timeline was prompted by the success Starbucks has already seen, Maw said.

"We have a winner, and it's running ahead of our expectations," Maw told analysts and investors Thursday at a conference in New York.

Seattle-based Starbucks pioneered the mobile ordering and payment feature in December 2014 before releasing it in hundreds of stores in the Pacific Northwest, as CSNews Online previously reported. The company began expanding it across several more states in June, but only on Apple devices.

The mobile ordering app was recently changed to provide access to a customized menu tied to specific stores. This allows customers to select items not available at all locations, such as coffee brewed in Clover machines.

Mobile ordering will pave the way for delivery, which Starbucks plans to roll out this year in Seattle and New York, according to the report.

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