Staten Island Gets Strict With C-Stores

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Staten Island Gets Strict With C-Stores

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- In an effort to ease some of the traffic problems that are caused by convenience stores, doughnut shops and other quick-stop stores, borough president, James Molinaro asked the city's Department of Buildings to make new regulations for the locations of future stores, the Staten Island Advance reported.

The traffic problems, according to the newspaper, have been caused when the gas stations in the area add small stores to their stations for increased profits. While it might be beneficial to the business, added traffic going into and coming out of the parking lots, limited parking spots and long queue lines are causing more harm than good.

Molinaro cited a local Dunkin' Donuts store in a Getty gas station as an example of the traffic hazards. At the location, plastic barriers have been installed to stop cars from making dangerous turns into and out of the station, which is located at a heavily trafficked intersection.

In addition, Community Board 1 chairman, Sean Sweeney, told the Advance that he has witnessed customers leave their cars while filling up at pumps to go inside and make a purchase, only to hold up lines of people waiting to pump behind the car. While the combination of a gas station and quick-serve store can work successfully, Sweeny noted, there are locations where busy gas stations, coupled with a busy doughnut shop and limited parking spaces are causing problems.

In the future, if no correction is made, the problem will worsen in years to come, Molinaro told the Advance. He suggests a review of the parking requirements, left-turn lanes and other factors that impact the traffic patterns around proposed stores.

A Buildings Department spokeswoman confirmed receipt of Molinaro's letter but told the Advance that the commissioner hadn't had a chance to review it as of press time.