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Subway Targets Teens

MILFORD, Conn. -- In an effort to expand its brand, Subway restaurants has hired Alloy Marketing and Promotions (AMP) to execute a promotional campaign targeting teens.

"Noting the rising, influential purchasing power of teens in the United States, we understand how an increase in teen traffic could positively benefit our brand," said Chris Carroll, senior vice president of marketing for the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT). "We evaluated several promotion agencies and chose AMP not only because they have a proven expertise in marketing to teens, but they can communicate to them in an authentic voice that really resonates."

While teens continue to be exposed to a wealth of media messages on a daily basis and with increasing evidence of their multitasking behaviors, AMP has been able to successfully cut through the clutter with innovative marketing programs and access to unique media assets that surround teens in their natural environments. Through its parent company, Alloy Media + Marketing, AMP taps into a database of over 27 million youth consumers and proprietary media vehicles that include leading teen web sites and catalogs, in-school media in more than 8,000 schools nationwide, a national school newspaper network and direct e-mail programs.

The last time the Subway restaurant chain reached out to teens was a few years ago with a handful of teen-cast TV spots. "Our marketing mix has focused mainly on driving the general market and increasing sales," Carroll explained. "The brand's segmentation is varied. Teens represent a largely untapped growth opportunity for Subway. We are looking forward to our new partnership with AMP and are confident they are the right choice for targeting teens." The program is scheduled to be released some time during the third quarter of 2005.
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