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Subway Test Text-Ordering in California

SAN DIEGO -- The on-campus Subway quick-service restaurant at the University of California San Diego is using a new system that lets customers text in a sandwich order before they arrive at the store. They simply have to pay and go instead of standing in line, according to report by

Once the customer sends the text, the order is printed out behind the counter and the customer gets a confirmation. The system is also being tested at Subway shops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, the repot stated.

"Right now we're averaging about 10 to 15 orders, but it is taking off," said store owner Raghu Marwaha in the report. "We have a feeling that in locations like these, where you have a large crowd waiting for their sandwich, it will take off very soon."

The company offering the texting system, Zingle, is based in San Diego, which is also the test market for the system, according to the company founder Ford Blakely. Currently, Subway and some bagel and smoothie stores are using the technology, the report stated.

Marwaha told the system is already proving successful. "As a matter of fact, we've had call-in orders for a number of years and have not produced the results that this is producing," he said.

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