Suffolk County Addresses Energy Drink Debate

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. -- The Suffolk County Legislature hosted a public hearing last week on a bill that would ban the sale of energy drinks to consumers under the age of 19, The Suffolk Times reported. Teenagers looking to purchase energy drinks may soon have to cross over to Nassau County in order to do so.

According to the news source the bill has not yet been voted into law by the 18-member legislature, but so far it has eight legislators co-sponsoring the initiative.

“These energy drinks can be very detrimental to young people,” Legislator Lynne Nowick (R-St. James), the primary sponsor of the bill told the news outlet.

Stipulations of the bill include the requirement that c-stores and grocers who sell caffeinated energy drinks must post signs warning customers of the health risks associated with the beverages; retailers will also be fined $500 for selling the drinks to minors and $250 for not posting the signs.

Currently, there is no legislation limiting the sale of non-alcoholic energy drinks anywhere in this country, the news outlet reported.

Last week's hearing was recessed after 40 minutes of debate and will likely be taken up for a vote in early 2011, The Suffolk Times stated.

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