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Sunoco Cited for Sewage Violations

HERNDON, Pa. -- Sunoco Inc. was fined $11,382 by the state of Pennsylvania for violating sewage discharge requirements at its service station and convenience store near Herndon, reported

Environmental Protection Northcentral regional director Robert Yowell announced Tuesday that the company violated the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law and a discharge permit and failed to submit monthly discharge monitoring reports in a timely manner at the store.

"Sunoco's sewage treatment plant at the service station and convenience mart had 11 discharge violations to Fidlers Run between May 2001 and August 2003," Yowell said. "The company also failed to submit reports and conduct sampling at the proper times."

The discharge violations were for fecal coliform bacteria, suspended solids and chlorine residual. Fecal coliform bacteria are a group of organisms found in the intestinal tracts of people and animals. Their presence in water indicates pollution. Suspended solids are tiny pieces of pollutants floating in sewage that cloud the water and require special treatment to remove. Chlorine residual is the level of chlorine in the treated wastewater as it is discharged to the receiving stream. Chlorine is used to kill fecal coliform bacteria.

Sunoco also was cited by the DEP for failing to submit monthly discharge monitoring reports for the treatment plant within the required time period between October 2000 and May 2003; failing to perform proper sampling for some contaminants on several occasions; and not doing any sampling in September 2001 and March 2003.

The fine was paid to the Pennsylvania Clean Water Fund.
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