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Survey: Moms Choose Single-Serve, Healthy Snacks

Whether she is serving them in the kitchen, out of the lunchbox or on the go, today's mom relies on the convenience of single-serve snacks and she wants those snacks to be healthy ones, according to Musselman's Healthy Snacking survey of a nationwide sample of 315 women with children under the age of 13.

Ninety-nine percent of the mothers said they serve their families snacks that come in convenient single-serve packages, and nearly two-thirds of moms say they serve their children healthy snacks daily or more often. Asked what is important to them when selecting snacks for their children, "It came as no surprise that taste, cost and convenience were considered somewhat or very important by over 90 percent of the moms we surveyed," said Bob Fisher, director of marketing for Knouse Foods, maker of the Musselman's line of apple sauce products. "We also found that over 80 percent felt nutritional value was important in selecting a snack and over 60 percent felt reduced sugar was an important attribute."

Other consumer research studies support Musselman's findings that indicate convenient yet healthy snacking is a priority among most Americans of any age. A study performed by Chicago research firm, Mintel, showed that Americans eat 7.4 healthy snacks per week -- at least one a day. And healthy snack sales reached $5.5 billion in 2003, up 41 percent since 1998.

Musselman's released the survey in conjunction with the launch of its new Sesame Street Fruit Flavored Apple Sauces, with 25-percent less sugar than regular applesauce.
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