Susser Selects Dresser Wayne Xflo Meter

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Susser Selects Dresser Wayne Xflo Meter

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Susser Holdings selected Dresser Wayne’s XfIo fuel meters in Ovation dispensers at its Stripes convenience store and retail fuel locations.

The Xflo meters will help Stripes sites, located in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, reduce the cost of fuel lost to meter drift, the company reported. Additionally, Xflo meters reportedly help retailers serve more customers in less time through improved flow rates.

Stripes stores also stand to benefit from the improved flow rate provided by the Xflo meter's less restrictive design. It features a more direct hydraulic flow path that reduces pressure loss by 30 percent, according to the company. Consequently, Stripes anticipates serving more customers in less time.

"Fluctuating fuel prices have made the cost of meter drift even more of a concern," Scott Negley, director of North America product management for Dresser Wayne, said in a statement. "The Xflo meter's accuracy improvement can correlate to a fast return on investment and substantial ongoing savings."