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Swiss Farms Brings the C-store to the Beach

BROOMALL, Pa. — Swiss Farms is offering consumers an extra way to stay healthy at the beach with its Store to Shore Cooler, which comes already filled with a hoagie, ice and a six-pack of ready-to-drink teas.

Preparing meals ahead of time and packing healthy snacks can help beachgoers avoid the need to go out to eat or buy something unhealthy on the go, according to Delaware County, Pa.-based dietitian Audrey Hasse.

The drive-thru market chain partnered with Hasse, who is curating food choices for the company, in April, as CSNews Online previously reported.

Along with fresh items such as fruit, cut vegetables, hummus and hardboiled eggs, Swiss Farms recommends better-for-you snacks such as Boomchickapop Popcorn, Garden of Eatin Chips, Pirate’s Booty and some Good Natured Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.

Customers can plan their purchases ahead of time using Swiss Farms' online ordering page.

Swiss Farms operates 13 drive-thru market locations in Pennsylvania.

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