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Tank Problems

LA SALLE, Ky. -- A leaky underground storage tank at an Everyday Store forced evacuation of seven buildings and contaminated ground water.

Duke and Long Distributing Co., which owns the convenience store, said it is investigating the property, a company spokesman told the Greeley (Ky.) Tribune.

One of the station?s three 10,000-gallon tanks was found to be leaking gas at the rate of 30 gallons an hour. The tanks have been removed, and the station will not sell gas "in the foreseeable future," said Randy Price. The convenience store remains open.

Price estimated the investigative costs to be between $30,000 and $70,000. He would not speculate on how much cleanup costs would be.

Test results also indicate that ground water, which is 20 feet below the surface, has also been contaminated and will have to be cleaned to industry standards. The biggest danger of the ground water being affected is that it can carry the contaminants, the report said.

Cleanup crews are focusing efforts on clearing vapors from the buildings through a series of underground wells and forced ventilation.
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