Tanknology Website Helps Operators Devise Post-Sandy Plan

AUSTIN, Texas -- Gas stations continue to get back to business after two storms hit the Northeast nine days apart -- last week's devastating Superstorm Sandy and Wednesday's Nor'easter, which dumped as much as a foot of snow in some places.

To that end, Tanknology Inc. has set up a web page, www.tanknology.com/StormRecovery, devoted to helping operators determine what they need to do based upon the type of impact on their site. Tanknology is an underground storage tank environmental services company.

"We are beginning to hear from customers in the Northeast who are evaluating how to get their sites operational," said Allen Porter, president and CEO of Tanknology Inc. "Fortunately, in a lot of cases, visual inspections and a manual tightness test with their automatic tank gauge is all that is necessary. But there are also plenty of situations where considerably more assessment and repair is necessary."

The site addresses several situations from loss of power to minimal flooding to running out of fuel and all the way up to cases of severe flooding. Links to various state and federal agencies which can provide resources or additional support are also included on the site.

"A few years ago, we provided assistance to the [Environmental Protection Agency] in their creation of a publication addressing this very issue," Porter said. "Titled 'Underground Storage Tank Flood Guide,' it's an excellent resource for operators facing damage from a storm like Sandy."

The guide is available for download on Tanknology's website.


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