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Tech Supplier Moves

NCR Corp. announced "TransitionWorks," a newly expanded radio frequency identification (RFID) demonstration center in Atlanta, Ga. The company also plans to announce new centers in both Europe and Asia in the near future.

"NCR's vision for this center is to provide a resource for manufacturers and retailers as they transition to a new era of business solutions marked by the application of RFID technology," said John Greaves, vice president for RFID solutions at NCR.

The Atlanta center will open in September and will reflect the scope of NCR's end-to-end portfolio of current or soon-to-be-announced RFID solutions and services, including comprehensive global consulting services; UHF reader solution; middleware solution; hand-held RFID scanners; RFID labeling solution and data warehouse solutions.

"TransitionWorks will focus on developing new concepts and solutions as well as providing an opportunity for NCR's clients and partners to learn about the possibilities, best practices and pitfalls associated with implementing RFID in their businesses," said Greaves.

Additionally, PerformanceRetail Inc., a software provider for the retail industry, and Notiva Corp., a Web-based trade settlement software company for retailers and their trading partners, announced the two companies merged.

The combination of the two companies addresses the lack of accurate data across the supply chain, the companies reported. By providing enhanced visibility and business analytics, and a modular suite of solutions to drive improved operational performance, the combined company can enable retailers with better information to run their businesses.

"This merger brings together the strengths of two technology leaders to create a proven provider of industry-defining solutions for retailers and manufacturers," said Marc Hafner, CEO of PerformanceRetail.

The merged company retains the PerformanceRetail name and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

In other supplier news, Franklin Fueling Systems (FFS), a petroleum equipment supplier, acquired Phil-Tite Enterprises, a leader in design and manufacturing of spill prevention equipment for the petroleum industry.

"We are pleased the Phil-Tite is joining the Franklin Fueling Systems family," said Don Kenney, president and COO of Franklin Fueling. "Their innovative spill prevention products have been leading the environmentally sensitive market in the western USA for years, and as more stringent regulations spread, FFS will be positioned to offer a complete solution to our customers."

Lastly, Westec Interactive, a provider of intelligent video monitoring services, signed a long-term lease with R & R Realty to open a new Visual Communications Center (VCC) in West Des Moines, Iowa to provide remote monitoring services for their international customers.

The facility is expected to open in September, and the company expects to hire 120 employees over the next three years.

"Central Iowa provides an excellent business environment centrally located in the U.S., which will compliment Westec's existing facilities and allow us to continue growing and serving our customers internationally," said Mitch Johnson, president of Westec.

The VCC facility will feature a cutting-edge center that will integrate new technologies with existing technology, and will be networked with the company’s existing facilities in Irvine, Calif.; Dallas, Texas; Frederick, Md.; and Palm Beach, Fla.

The new monitoring center will also feature Westec's new iVR platform, which expands remote monitoring beyond security to intelligent business monitoring. The new iVR platform will enable enterprise-level audits and reporting, intelligent video, GPS asset tracking and more.

"With these expanded services, Westec will deliver much more than remote monitoring for security," said Johnson. "Our services will expand into day-to-day operational improvements that help customers' increase profits and overall operating efficiencies."
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