Technology Trio Collaborates on Turnkey EV Charging Solution

ADS-TEC Energy, P97 Networks and EvGateway bring the service to c-stores and fuel retailers.
EV charging gauge

SARASOTA, Fla. — ADS-TEC Energy is joining forces with P97 Networks and EvGateway to offer a turnkey solution that will make it easier for convenience stores, gas stations and other retailers to bring ultra-fast EV charging to their operations.

With the partnership, ADS-TEC Energy's battery-buffered ChargeBox, which enables ultra-fast EV charging on existing power-limited grids, integrates with Houston-based P97 Networks' connected commerce, payments and behavioral marketing platform and Irvine, Calif.-based EvGateway's cloud-based EV infrastructure and network.

As part of the collaboration, the ADS-TEC Energy ChargeBox is now certified within the EvGateway network which allows it to meet secure networking communications standards for any utility or energy commission requirement nationwide.

EvGateway is an approved network across all major utility programs throughout the United States and offers utility-approved reporting and data integrations to push report data, in compliance with all national data reporting requirements.

The ChargeBox is also qualified for full-store transaction interaction on the P97 transaction processing network, connecting consumers with fuel retailers and c-stores across a broad partner ecosystem, including oil company payment networks, merchants, consumer package good companies, automotive companies and banks

According to the companies, retailers using the P97 platform will be able to extend loyalty programs to encompass EV charging. For fleets, the ADS-TEC Energy, P97 and EvGateway turnkey solution may also include roaming and subscription capabilities with ultra-fast charging capabilities in power-limited areas.

"With ADS-TEC Energy and EvGateway, our retail customers can add revenue-generating ultra-fast EV charging to their businesses, while conducting 'business as usual,' with all the benefits of the P97 platform they're used to," said P97 Networks CEO Donald Frieden.

The ADS-TEC Energy ChargeBox system charges EVs in minutes instead of hours. Its battery-buffered technology allows for widespread, ultra-fast charging (up to 320kW) on existing power-limited grids without additional infrastructure power upgrades. This allows for the introduction of ultra-fast charging to previously unaddressed geographies including rural locations and city centers, helping to ensure more inclusive access to EV charging, the company said.

"Together, we're enabling convenience stores and fuel retailers to seamlessly extend their existing business infrastructure into ultra-fast EV charging, while allowing consumers to enjoy the same retail experience they've come to expect using their gas company or convenience store app and loyalty programs," explained John Neville, chief sales officer, ADS-TEC Energy.

Sarasota-based ADS-TEC Energy Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of the German ADS-TEC Energy GmbH, which is a subsidiary of the publicly traded Irish ADS-TEC Energy plc.

The EvGateway system allows for a seamless management and operations of all chargers so owners and operators can remotely manage, control and have visibility into real-time performance analytics and statistics.

"It's a win-win-win for retailers, their customers and the planet," said EvGateway President Reddy Marri. "ADS-TEC Energy and P97 share EV Gateway's philosophy of accelerating the adoption and use of EVs in cities around the world and helping shape a zero-emissions future."