Tedeschi Food Shops to Utilize Labor Budgeting Tool

ROCKLAND, Mass. -- Tedeschi Food Shops is partnering with Dashboard Advantage in an effort to bring cutting-edge technology and increased efficiency to its labor management control process.

The convenience store retailer will specifically use the platform so that division managers, store operators, franchisees and corporate general managers alike will have a tool they can use on their smartphones or tablet devices when they are in the field.

"Determining the most efficient and productive labor budget for each location is challenging and, at times, a daunting task, especially with the fickle weather and seasonality changes here in New England," said Bob Tedeschi, executive vice president and treasurer for Rockland, Mass.-based Tedeschi. "Staffing needs can change on a turn of a dime. Dashboard Advantage's labor management solution automates and streamlines this process, while also allowing our store operators to modify each location's budget based on their unique operation. We are excited to bring this cloud-based, mobile solution to the Tedeschi Food Shops team."

The Dashboard Advantage solution takes customer transactions, individual tasks, food production and specific store facility profile into account and delivers a line-item budget for each location. Store operators can assign tasks to individual shifts in an effort to optimize in-store efficiency and hence increase the overall productivity of the team. Dashboard Advantage can be accessed anywhere the Internet is available.

"We are dedicated to providing operators measurable ways they can maximize performance," said Tom Hart, principal at Dashboard Advantage. "As retailers strive for operational excellence, we provide a solution to get there."

Massachusetts-based Dashboard Advantage collaborates with companies to provide tools to identify compliance, improve store execution and more.

Tedeschi Food Shops, established in 1923, operates 191 convenience stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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