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Texas, New Mexico Will See Stripes

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Susser Holdings Inc., one of the nation's largest convenience store chains, will convert every one of its acquired Town & Country food stores here and in New Mexico to its Stripes brand, Lubbock Online reported.

Sam Susser, CEO of the Corpus Christi, Texas-based company, said the conversion process will take about two years to complete. "Our goal is to enhance and refresh all these stores and convert more stores this year," he said.

Starting the process will involve the demolition of one of the retailer’s busiest stores, at the intersection of U.S. 84 and 82nd Street in Lubbock, where the company apparently acquired land both north and west of the area, according to sources cited by Lubbock Online.

Publicly-traded Susser Holdings operates more than 320 convenience stores under the Stripes brand. The company also supplies fuel to more than 350 branded dealers, 30 unattended fueling locations and a significant number of other commercial customers.
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