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That's the Ticket

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. -- After being cited by police times for underage tobacco possession, a Wisconsin teen faces $6,000 in unpaid tickets.

Jason Scibby, 15, received his first ticket last year outside Port Washington High School, and has received others both on and off school grounds. The first citation carried a $68.75 penalty, but the cost of subsequent tickets escalate up to $658.

"He keeps smoking whether anyone likes it or not," said Gail Condon, Scibby's mother. "I know he's not supposed to be smoking; it' s illegal. But all these fines are not correcting the problem."

"I think the cops here are just going looking for teenagers. They just follow them around."

Police Chief Edward Rudolph insists it is not a matter of harassment but enforcing the law, which forbids anyone younger than 18 from possessing or using tobacco.

Port Washington police said 85 underage smoking tickets were issued in 2001.