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Tom's Convenience Stores to Purchase Lottery Tickets for Employees

YORK, Pa. -- Susquehanna Valley, Pa.-based Tom's Convenience Stores, part of the Shipley Energy Group, has pledged to purchase lottery instant tickets for employees in support of the lottery's Golden Opportunities Employee Rewards Program.

"The leaders of Tom's Stores [and other participating companies] are community-minded forward thinkers," said secretary of revenue for of the Pennsylvania Lottery, Gregory C. Fajt. "They recognize that the Golden Opportunities Program can increase productivity while at the same time making a contribution to the community."

Gov. Edward G. Rendell introduced the Golden Opportunities Program last year, challenging businesses across Pennsylvania to purchase lottery instant tickets in bulk, on an ongoing basis and as often as possible, to reward employees for jobs well done. Debra Goodling, president of Shipley Stores, and Karl Wentzel, marketing manager for Shipley Stores, represented Tom's Convenience Stores at the event.

"We are continually looking for new and interesting ways to reward our employees," said Goodling. "The Golden Opportunities Employee Rewards Program provided the perfect solution for our upcoming sales incentive contest."

The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the only lottery that designates all proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. More than one-third of the cost of each lottery ticket is dedicated to such programs.
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