The Top 10 Trends to Watch in '09

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The Top 10 Trends to Watch in '09

NEW YORK -- Mobilization, internationalization, personalization and localization are just four of the key consumer trends that will impact convenience store retailers in the year ahead.

Each of the CSNews Top 10 Consumer Trends represents a sign of the times. Technology mobilizing Americans from coast-to-coast, and customers are increasingly looking to get more for less, while also being awarded for their patronage. They also want to customize products and services to fit their needs, while trying to lead "greener" lives.

Each trend on the list is sure to impact all retail channels, and those operations looking to not only survive, but thrive in the shaky economy will need to heed these 10 trends:

1. Going Mobile
2. Making it Personal
3. Greening Up
4. Bargains, Bonuses and Perks
5. Keeping it Local
6. Getting Latinized
7. Internationalization
8. Help Yourself
9. Baby Boomers Ring in
10. Think Shrink

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