TravelCenters of America Launches TruckSmart iPhone App

WESTLAKE, Ohio -- TravelCenters of America LLC (TA) launched a new smartphone application called TruckSmart that is currently available for Apple iPhones.

With the new TruckSmart app, professional drivers can access:

  • An interactive map displaying all TA and Petro locations.
  • A location list by radius of current location, plus a state-by-state site location lookup.
  • Current posted fuel prices.
  • Available showers, both in total and the number currently available at any location.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to any location.
  • Current location weather conditions.
  • An estimate (generally within last two hours) of available parking spaces by location.
  • A complete amenities and services list by location.
  • Special offers at TA and Petro restaurants, travel store and truck maintenance centers.
  • A link to the RoadSquad national network of roadside assistance services.

Two key highlights of TruckSmart include information and capabilities never before available. TruckSmart lets users directly dial and link to TA’s RoadSquad roadside assistance program. When called or linked, the RoadSquad national call center captures exact coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the downed trucker, providing precise dispatch capability.

TruckSmart also provides available truck parking space information at TA and Petro locations, which have over 42,000 spaces across the U.S. According to TA, the launch of TruckSmart represents the first time this kind of parking data has been made available to truckers.

“TA and Petro offer customers the full-service advantage, and TruckSmart is yet another dimension to what TA is doing to help professional truck drivers optimize their business,” stated Thomas O’Brien, company president and CEO. “TruckSmart provides invaluable data and locating services, some of which have never been available before in the industry.”

Phase II development will include applications for Android phones.

Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, TravelCenters of America operates travel centers in 41 states and Canada, operating under the TravelCenters of America and Petro brands.

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