TravelCenters of America Targets Drivers’ Wellness

WESTLAKE, Ohio -- Professional drivers making a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, or stay in shape, will get help keeping that resolution from TravelCenters of America. Coinciding with the new year, the company is launching its StayFit health and wellness initiative.

The goal of the program is to help drivers make better, healthier choices about eating and exercise when they are on the road. "Drivers have asked us to help them be healthier and make better food choices," explained Tom O’Brien, president and chief executive officer of TravelCenters if America. "Our facilities have the room, the systems and the flexibility to offer a program like StayFit for the benefit of those drivers. Only full-service facilities like TA and Petro can offer a program with all the elements of StayFit. We do this because we listen and respect the needs of our guests. We want them to live healthy lives doing what they love to do and keeping our country moving."

The StayFit initiative includes four key elements: awareness, medical services, diet and exercise. TravelCenters of America locations are making healthy living information available to drivers. In addition, the company’s RoadKing and Driver Seat magazines publish a health and wellness column every issue.

The company also works with the St. Christopher’s Driver Relief Fund, which operates a Medical resources Vehicle (MeRV). The MeRV visits TA and Petro locations providing medical screening and blood work. The MeRV also distributes health information to the drivers.

The company’s restaurants are also joining the effort, with Petro Iron Skillet and TA Country Pride featuring the StayFit icon to indicate healthier meal choices. The icon will also appear on groceries and snack items in TA and Petro travel stores.

But TravelCenters of America is not stopping at information. Ten selected TA and Petro locations on Interstate 95 and Interstate 40 feature driver fitness rooms with aerobic exercise equipment exclusively for the use of drivers who are members of the UltraONE Club.

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