​United Dairy Farmers' Loyalty Program Gets an Overhaul

Its move to the Paytronix platform provides flexibility to tailor promotions for specific guests.

CINCINNATI — United Dairy Farmers (UDF) is teaming up with Paytronix Systems Inc. to relaunch the retailer's loyalty program, U-Drive.

The program, which launched earlier this year, is moving over to the Paytronix rewards platform. It was implemented with an open design, providing UDF with the flexibility to tailor promotions for specific guests.

As UDF's operations expanded, management wanted to better understand its customers in order to engage them with more relevant offers and reward their brand loyalty, according to the company.

"We needed to modernize UDF's digital platform to better manage the whole customer experience, and Paytronix was the perfect partner with experience to guide us," said United Dairy Farmers VP Marketing, Insights, Loyalty, United Dairy Farmers Denise Jenkins. "Tapping into Paytronix provided a real jump-start to knowing our customers better and being more relevant to our guests."

"We're learning a lot from Paytronix now that we have the digital platform and the customer experience data to understand our guests," she added. "We need this to be disruptive – people otherwise have blinders on, and will walk right by giant displays, but digital devices and engagement are proving to be a game changer. We can change customer behavior through loyalty and improve the guest experience."

U-Drive rewards members with savings on gasoline and select products. Members just swipe their U-Drive card and earn discounts, starting with 3-cents savings at the pump every day, without making an in-store purchase. Registered U-Drive members earn stackable savings every time they make a purchase, then watch the price roll back right on the pump to apply anytime they fuel up. 

Once active in the loyalty program, U-Drive members gain additional perks, such as locking in the lowest gas price of the day and Wednesday Freebies — giveaways funded by UDF's partners and national consumer product brands.  

"Restaurant tech is evolving, and UDF offers a refreshing example of customer experience done right by harnessing customer data to understand and use in creating better customer experiences. U-Drive loyalty and rewards make every member feel appreciated," said Andrew Robbins, CEO of Paytronix. "The value of building that digital relationship with customers is now paying off, as customers visit UDF more often, spend more, and build stronger affiliation for the United Dairy Farmers brand."

Based in Newton, Mass., Paytronix is a provider of SaaS customer experience management solutions for restaurants and convenience stores.

Cincinnati-based United Dairy Farmers operates nearly 200 convenience stores across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

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