Vending Company Takes a Page From C-stores

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Vending Company Takes a Page From C-stores


WICHITA, Kan. -- A new concept by one vending machine company borrows a page out of convenience stores' book.

Wichita Vending Co. is installing Avanti Market at its more than 85 accounts located in and around the city. Instead of placing a vending machine in break rooms, the company now offers open shelves and beverage cabinets where employees at places such as the Kansas Star Casino can simply grab their lunch or snacks, according to the Wichita Eagle.

The new approach is not simply done on the honor system, though. Customers pay for the items using something similar to a refillable cash card at a kiosk. Security cameras ensure that employees don't abuse the privilege.

Gordon Lang, sales manager for Wichita Vending, said there are many benefits to replacing vending machines with open shelves. One is the open shelves have more space than vending machines, so employers can offer a wider variety of food options to their employees.

A second benefit is that Wichita Vending can more easily rotate in fresher items, such as locally made sandwiches and brownies. With Avanti Market, employees can now consume healthier and more substantial food and drinks options, along with traditional favorites like chips and candy, the news outlet reported.

Long added that Avanti Market is expected to increase the sale of healthier options by 25 percent.