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VIDEO: Retail Tips on Credit Card Skimming

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner, in cooperation with CBC Learning Center, makes content from CBC's C Square website available to our readers.

C Square, accessible at, is a website specially developed for the advancement of convenience store owners. Part of C Square's offering is professionally produced videos spotlighting critical retail tips. In this new video, Terry Lambert, an instructor for the CBC Learning Center and a convenience store owner himself, discusses how retailers can minimize the risk of credit card skimming at their stores.

Credit card skimming is any attempt to steal data from credit or debit card transactions and one way criminals are doing this today is by sneaking their electronic devices into credit card readers, including the ones at gas pumps.

"Technology designed to steal from you and your customers may already be hiding where you wouldn't expect it -- inside your gas pumps," Lambert said.


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