VIDEO: What’s Your ROI on Employee Engagement?

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VIDEO: What’s Your ROI on Employee Engagement?


ATLANTA — In the sixth and final installment of its “Power Up Employee Engagement” video series, the North America NACS Council of the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRRC) points out that generating a return on investment (ROI) from employee engagement depends on making an investment of time and energy in your people.

It’s not easy for managers to have a clear-eyed look at culture because they are a part of it. That’s where employee feedback can help, but it takes more than that. Managers must also be willing to react to the feedback, and model and encourage what they want people to do to achieve a longer business lifecycle. When employees want to work for you, that’s when you get the ROI.

This latest video highlights managers who have done the work to change the culture in their stores and in turn, achieved incredible results. Some saw a sales increase of up to 20 percent. 

A new video was released weekly in the six-part series that speaks to the importance of employee engagement and provides c-store retailers with insights they can use in their own stores.

The video series, titled “Power Up Employee Engagement: A Flash of Light,” is a lead-up to a major quantitative study, which will be released in June.

In addition, a narrated PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Blake Frank, a management professor at the University of Dallas, about the power of employee engagement will be made available this month.

Click above to watch the sixth video in the series, and click on the links below to view the previous installments.  

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