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Village Pantry Upgrades Supply Chain Software

INDIANAPOLIS -- Village Pantry LLC, a 160-store convenience chain operated by supermarket giant Marsh Supermarkets Inc., has selected Louisville, Ky.-based TelaPoint Inc.'s TelaFuel Internet software suite of products to streamline and manage its fuel operations.

TelaFuel, a browser-based application suite, includes Smart Replenishment, Smart Buying and Smart Invoicing and will be implemented across all of Marsh's grocery and convenience store locations.

“Our decision to implement TelaPoint's Internet supply chain solution is a key component of our ongoing strategy to optimize petroleum supply efficiencies for our retail operation,” said Don E. Marsh, chairman and CEO of Marsh Supermarkets Inc. “TelaFuel will help us save significant time and money by allowing us to optimize fuel purchasing costs, better manage fuel inventory levels and substantially reduce the labor needed to reconcile supplier invoices. We reviewed all available alternatives, including internally developing a solution, and found TelaPoint to be the only alternative that really understands the fuel business.”

Marsh and Village Pantry locations will have secure access through Internet-based software applications for timely and accurate communication with their authorized trading partners, TelaPoint said.

“We are very pleased by Marsh Supermarket's commitment to our TelaFuel suite of products and are focused on ensuring they maximize the benefits derived from their investment in our solutions,” said TelaPoint president Mike Dahlem. “TelaPoint's integrated suite of TelaFuel products including Smart Replenishment, Smart Buying and Smart Invoicing is providing tremendous opportunities for our clients to drive significant costs out of their petroleum operations.”

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