Waddajuice Combines Convenience and Health

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Waddajuice Combines Convenience and Health

NEW YORK -- With a catchy name and a kid-approved taste, Waddajuice, the healthy on-the-go juice beverage with a kids sports cap, recently made its debut. The idea started with the advice of a pediatrician who opened a parent’s eye to the growing childhood obesity epidemic.

Waddajuice offers a combination of health and convenience in one container. The packaged juice is made with wholesome ingredients and no added sweeteners, flavors, dyes, preservatives or additives. It contains half the sugar, calories and carbohydrates of other fruit juices. A typical apple juice box (6.75 ounces) contains 90 calories, 23 grams of carbohydrates and 21 grams of sugars. Waddajuice’s Apple flavor (8 ounces) has nearly 20 percent more liquid and contains only 50 calories, 14 grams of carbohydrates and 13 grams of sugar.

With an innovative packaging design, Waddajuice provides a spill-proof sports cap and has a specialty closure that does not have a heat seal under the cap. This design allows children to easily pop off the over-cap, remove a small seal and drink.

The new juice offers 100 percent of recommended allowances of Vitamin C, 10 percent of calcium and 10 percent of the four essential B vitamins and is made with filtered water. It comes in four kid-favorite flavors, Apple, Orange, Wild Berry and White Grape, each bottled in an 8-ounce plastic, easy-to-hold container.

"For years, parents have been watering down fruit juices to create a 'healthier' beverage for their children, particularly with current medical advice from pediatricians and pediatric dentists on the excesses associated with other juice products," explained Jordan Kerner, founder of Waddajuice.

"Children want a beverage with taste, but parents are concerned with the excessive sugars that go along with it. In addition, parents are constantly looking for products that offer the most convenience, without a mess," Kerner continued. "Until Waddajuice, the combination of healthy, pre-filled convenience and spill-proof in a children’s beverage just wasn’t available."