Walgreens Sells Private-Label Beer

CHICAGO -- Walgreen Co. has rolled out a private-label beer, branded Big Flats 1901 to more than 4,600 of its 7,655 stores nationwide.

Walgreens has been stocking stores as alcohol licenses are approved, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

The beer is retailing for 50 cents a can in the Chicago market. Prices will vary by market, and the beer will be available in states where private-label alcohol is legal, the newspaper reported.

"In this tough economy, consumers are looking for value and ways to make their money go [further]," a Walgreens spokesman told the Chicago Tribune. "Big Flats 1901 offers our customers a premium lager at a great price."

Big Flats is made by Novato, Calif.-based Winery Exchange, which also provides private-label alcohol for chains like Costco Wholesale and Trader Joe, the newspaper reported.

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