Wallis Gets Integrated

Wallis Oil Co., which operates 47 convenience stores under the Mobil, Phillips and Conoco brands, completed a pilot test of an e-commerce function that until recently was available largely only to major oil companies.

In collaboration with The Pinnacle Corp., Arlington, Texas, and Toptech Data Systems (TDS), Wallis has implemented a completely paper-less, no-data-entry transaction process for receiving, billing and tax reporting of wholesale fuel transactions.

In this three-way collaboration, TDS delivers to Wallis the electronic bills of lading that are generated in real-time at the terminal when loads are pulled. Pinnacle's Fuel Smart system imports, translates and cross-references the bill of lading data into its database, from which it then performs all the fuel accounting functions including invoicing, fuel payables, inventory management, and tax reporting.

"Being able to get an electronic bill of lading within moments of loading the truck enables us to update all our inventory, billing, tax and payables without even making an entry," said J. Fleck, information systems director for Wallis Oil. "This will reduce costs for us across the spectrum. It also speeds up our cash flow on customers that pay us based on invoice date."
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