Wallis Oil Selects Fuel Pricing Software

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Wallis Oil Selects Fuel Pricing Software

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Wallis Oil selected KSS PriceNet to automate and optimize its daily fuel-pricing process, the company reported.

"KSS PriceNet will allow us to automate the manual tasks involved in daily fuel pricing, as well as optimize pricing, by modeling competitive impact on our volume and margins," said Mark Martinovich, chief operating officer of Wallis Companies. "We expect to capture the same benefits that many of the larger chains have realized with PriceNet, which helps us deliver strong value to our customers."

Wallis Cos. was established in 1968 and today is one of the leading gasoline distributors in the Midwest, operating 44 gasoline/convenience food stores, and servicing more than 70 dealer locations, accounting for more than 178 million gallons of fuel annually.

"We are pleased to be working with Wallis Oil and look forward to helping them capture the tremendous benefits of KSS PriceNet," said Bob Stein, chief executive officer of KSS' fuels division. "Pricing volatility, government regulations, intense competitive pressures, all of these concerns are efficiently managed within KSS PriceNet. We are confident that Wallis Oil will experience a tremendous ROI with KSS PriceNet."

KSS PriceNet is available as an on-site, fully integrated pricing system designed to add discipline to the pricing process and help operators make better informed pricing decisions, according to the company. KSS PriceNet organizes and analyzes all of the relevant pricing and market data, and provides dynamic pricing rules with an industry best-practice workflow and process to control all pricing activities. It also uses KSS' leading demand modeling and optimization technology to allow operators to set prices by taking into account the individual competitive and demand dynamics for each grade of fuel, at each site, the company reported.