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Walmart Revamps Great Value

BENTONVILLE, Ark. -- The world’s largest retailer is reintroducing its 16-year-old Great Value private label brand with new packaging and more aggressive marketing, CSNews Online’s’ sister publication, Progressive Grocer, reported.

First introduced in 1993, Walmart’s Great Value house brand spans more than 100 categories and is billed by the Bentonville, Ark.-based mega-retailer as "the country’s largest food brand in both sales and volume."

The Great Value relaunch—which will focus on better quality and more variety—is underway this month, with the majority of products expected to appear on store shelves by the end of May.

Having worked with hundreds of suppliers and product testing facilities to test more than 5,250 products against leading national brands and conducting more than 2,700 comparative consumer tests, Walmart said it’s reformulated some 750 items, including breakfast cereal, cookies, yogurt, laundry detergent and paper towels. The line relaunch will also debut more than 80 new products, such as thin-crust pizza, fat-free caramel swirl ice cream, strawberry yogurt, organic cage-free eggs, double-stuffed sandwich cookies and teriyaki beef jerky, all at value prices.

"Walmart remains committed to providing our customers with quality national and private brand products at unbeatable prices," said Andrea Thomas, Walmart's senior vice president of private brands. "Through our Great Value brand relaunch, we are delivering on our promise to provide customers with the quality products they need and want, at a price they can afford, to help them save money and live better."

Featuring easy-to-read nutrition labels and more appetizing food photography, Walmart’s new Great Value packaging graphics aim to create a consistent, recognizable look for shopper ease and convenience, alongside reduced packaging when possible, as part of the company’s sustainability goals.

The retailer said it plans to continue focusing on quality through a new "Quality Monitoring Program," which will provide ongoing evaluation of the quality of products from the factory to the shelves. In addition to supplementing its quality promise with a staffed toll-free number for product inquiries, Walmart is also asking customers to share tales of their favorite Great Value-brand items by encouraging them to rate the products and offer reviews on

For a "sneak peak" of Walmart’s relaunched Great Value line, visit: ; click on the "Featured Videos" link.
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