Washington State's Gas Tax to Rise for Holiday Weekend.

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Washington State's Gas Tax to Rise for Holiday Weekend.

SEATTLE – The state of Washington will enact its second yearly gas tax on Saturday, just in time to reap the benefits of peak holiday travel for the July 4 holiday, according to the Associated Press.

This raise is the second of four designed to increase the tax to nine and a half cents. With this increase, the states gas tax will total 34 cents a gallon, giving Washington the fifth highest gas tax, right above Nevada.

With an additional 18.4 cents added by the U.S. government, this brings resident's taxes to 62.4 cents a gallon. The current gas average is $3.04 across the state, according to AAA's Fuel Gauge Report.

The tax will be paid on the wholesale level, so consumers will not notice the tax until it filters down to the retail level, reported the Associated Press.

The tax bill was an element of a 16 year program passed by legislators last year in an effort to raise $8.5 billion to go towards transportation projects.

The projects that will be funded are the Alaskan Way Viaduct, located in Seattle, a new highway crossing Lake Washington, and roadwork on the Interstate 405. Additional money will be put towards ferries, local roads, rail and other non-highway projects.