Wawa Bake-Off Lets Teens Get Creative

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Wawa Bake-Off Lets Teens Get Creative

BERKELEY, N.J. -- A Wawa Bake-Off was held here that challenged teens to create a dish using less than $10 in ingredients found only in a local Wawa convenience store, reported the Asbury Park Press.

Teens, alone or in pairs, competed for Wawa-branded gift cards that would go to first and second place winners.

Sarah Durmer, 16, was making what she called a "fruitcake-type of thing" with the help of Robyn Ruscus, just 10 minutes before judging. "We were supposed to do this at home, but my 2-year old nephew was sick," Durmer told the Park Press.

Durmer chopped red and green apples and bananas, while Ruscus sliced pound cake. The cake was arranged on a plate, then topped with vanilla yogurt and the fruit and finished with a dollop of whipped cream.

"It's our own creation," said Ruscus. "Healthy and original."

One of the judges, librarian Liz Andrews, was surprised with the flavor. "Wow," she said. "I didn't think it would be that good."

Another contestant, Justin Vona, 16, used slices of turkey and salty snacks to create his dish. Turkey slices were breaded with crumbled Funyons or Blazin' Buffalo Ranch Doritos. A side of celery and carrots with ranch dressing was also included.

"I tested it on Monday," he said, noting that he brought the samples to school. "It did very well."

Another teen, Cody Lessing, 14, brought in mango almond cake with a special ingredient -- peach iced tea. "It's got good flavor," said Linda Cubberley, a senior library assistant who served as a judge.

The apple and banana fruitcake made by Durmer and Ruscus placed third. Judges noted it tasted tangy, refreshing and light. Second place went to the mango almond cake, which was described by the judges as "nutty deliciousness."

First place went to Vona's turkey dish, which earned praise for the completeness as a meal. Vona believes it was not only the testing, but the unique breading that attributed to his win.

"I liked the kick of the Buffalo Ranch Doritos, but I included both, because I didn't know who was going to be the judges," he told the newspaper.