Wawa Faces Penalties for Leaving Fuel Price Signs Unchanged

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Wawa Faces Penalties for Leaving Fuel Price Signs Unchanged


PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. -- The Warren County Department of Weights and Measures issued a pricing violation that resulted in the suspension of fuel sales at the Phillipsburg Wawa, after a manual price sign remained the same for more than eight hours even though the actual price changed, according to an Express-Times report.

The county investigated the situation after an anonymous complainant filled up his gas tank on Sept. 1 at the Route 22 and Roseberry Street Wawa station, only to notice that he had paid five cents more per gallon than the amount listed on the pump's price marker. After a manager allegedly stated that he did not have enough time or help to adjust the sign to a recent price change and implied that he would call the police if the fuel was not paid for, the driver contacted the county, according to department superintendent Michael Santos.

Earlier this week, Wawa spokeswoman Lori Bruce told the Express-Times that the price remained unchanged "for a short period of time" and that sales records indicated no drivers were charged an incorrect price.

However, Santos stated that a review of Wawa's computer records revealed that signs failed to reflect a price change on one grade of fuel for more than eight hours, and another grade for an hour and a half.

Court documents show that the Phillipsburg Municipal Court also ordered Wawa to pay the maximum fine of $1,500 and suspended fuel sales for five days starting Oct. 10, according to the report.

"We apologize to the Warren County Department of Weights and Measures for referring to them incorrectly in our advertisement," stated Wawa in an e-mail. "We respect their position and we’re complying with their guidelines to the fullest. We made some mistakes and we’re doing everything in our power to ensure this never happens again."

To make up for the inconvenience, Wawa is offering customers free coffee at the Phillipsburg store through Friday, the c-store retailer said. Customers who remain dissatisfied are asked to contact the general manager.