Wawa Looks to Expand Private Label Offer

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Wawa Looks to Expand Private Label Offer

WAWA, Pa. -- Wawa Inc. announced its intention to work with Daymon Worldwide to explore opportunities to offer additional private label choices to customers at its 540 convenience stores.

"We are excited to work with Daymon and about the possibilities to complement our current brands, and consumers favorite national brands, with more unique, proprietary items," said Robert Price, senior vice president of marketing for Wawa. "Wawa is a name our customers know and trust, and we think they'll be delighted to have more choices with the Wawa name."

Price is optimistic because the Wawa name has been recognized by customers in the Pennsylvania market for more than 100 years, first with Wawa brand dairy products produced by the Wawa Dairy, then in stores with signature products like Wawa coffee and hoagies. Wawa stores feature a wide variety of fresh food offerings served in clean, convenient locations. Every year, Wawa serves over 125 million cups of coffee, and more than 35 million hoagies. The chain estimates that it serves more than 300 million customers annually.

Wawa Dairy was founded in 1902, and its certified milk earned it a reputation for safe, quality products. Today, the Wawa Dairy produces over 100 million fluid quarts annually. In addition to providing fresh dairy products to its 540 stores, it is also a major supplier of wholesale dairy products to more than 1,000 institutional customers, including schools, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. Wawa's fresh, heavy cream is used by some of the finest restaurants, bakeries and hotels in the market.

"Wawa is a very unique and innovative convenience retailer within the mid-Atlantic market with a strong reputation for freshness and quality," says Peter Brennan, Daymon's President. "These strengths are directly in line with our capabilities to source and sell high quality store-brand products, including perishables, around the world. For Daymon to make its foray into the convenience channel through such a progressive operator as Wawa is both a great opportunity and tremendous challenge that we are all excited about."