Wawa Proximity Is Selling Point in Pennsylvania Real Estate Market

PHILADELPHIA — Wawa convenience stores are popular in more ways than one.

According to a Philly.com report, a Zillow analysis of rental listings shows that the word "Wawa" is 56 times likelier to be used as a rental listing in the state than elsewhere in the United States.

The real estate website analyzed descriptions of 1.6 million rental listings to determine what is most important to renters and landlords in terms of local amenities, weather, home style and other factors.

Grocery stores are also frequently named in rental listings. "Giant Eagle" is 92 times more popular in Pennsylvania listings compared to elsewhere.

Along with the c-store chains, Pennsylvania residents care about proximity to museums and college campuses, as students are more likely to be renters. Rental listings are 227 times more likely to note if they are in a "museum area," and specific schools are frequently listed, with Drexel being eight times as likely to be mentioned in a rental listing than in a for-sale listing.

Pennsylvania-based Wawa Inc. operates more than 700 stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

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