Wawa Selects GSPSurveyor for Online Management

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Wawa Selects GSPSurveyor for Online Management

WAWA, Pa. -- To customize store-level marketing initiatives and meet the needs of its 550 locations, Wawa implemented GSP Marketing's GSPSurveyor to build and maintain a site-specific database of stores' features.

The technology will use responses to comprehensive customer surveys. GSPSurveyor will consolidate data and photos in a centralized database, allowing for easy retrieval by the company's marketing staff.

"As we expand our chain and enhance our offering within existing locations, we need a system for understanding how our marketing efforts will impact each of our locations," said Lisa Wollan, the head of Consumer Insights & Brand Strategy. "GSPSurveyor provides our marketing team with fast, easy access to site photos and to key attributes such as fixtures, the amount of display space available and the type of graphics being used. Its on-line survey generator will also enable us to update this data regularly without distracting our store associates from servicing our customers."

The program also stores and updates data including site photos, in-store equipment, building attributes and merchandise offerings and displays. Using GSPSurveyor, c-store retailers can manage the non-financial factors that impact performance such as the type of fixture, store equipment, appearance and use of advertising.