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Weigel's Celebrates 90th Anniversary With 90-Day Customer Campaign

In addition to winning daily prizes, guests can purchase limited-edition Birthday Cake flavored milk.

POWELL, Tenn. — Weigel's is commemorating its 90th anniversary with a celebratory "90 Years for Us, 90 Days for You" campaign.

Beginning May 3 and running through Aug. 1, the promotion highlights daily prizes for guests and employees. Vendor participation will contribute Jeep Wranglers, 28 70-inch televisions, PS5's, Xbox's, and more.

Additionally, the company will make a special announcement during its storewide birthday celebration on June 18.

"It is such an honor to have our vendors support this special milestone in Weigel's history," said Bill Weigel. "It's a tribute to the qualities and legacy this company was founded on 90 years ago, and to the great management and team members we have in our stores today. They have helped us grow, and we thank them for helping us celebrate our 90th anniversary in a huge way."

Guests and employees can register to win prizes through their Weigel's myRewards card. "90 Years for Us, 90 Days for You" will be supported through daily in-store promotions and a hyperactive social media campaign.

"It is truly a special occasion for me and everyone at Weigel’s and celebrating with our guests and team members brings great joy to all," Weigel added. "We are grateful for all our guests, and it is because of them we are here today celebrating our 90th anniversary. This celebration would not have been possible without their loyalty and many years of support."

According to Weigel's, its 90-year history is something to celebrate in addition to its future. Increased loyalty focus, expansion into new markets, driving private brands to the marketplace, and creating sweepstakes on a quarterly basis is the marketing department's focus for 2021 and beyond.

"This is an exciting time to be a part of the Weigel's family. We are hoping to use the '90 Years for Us, 90 Days for You' celebration to help springboard us into the future. It is an achievement not many companies reach. We see this as a great opportunity to start moving on our biggest goals and strategies of the future," said Director of Marketing and Merchandising Nick Triantafellou.

Weigel's is also honoring its 90th anniversary with the introduction of its newest milk flavor: Birthday Cake. It follows the success of Peanut Butter Chocolate milk.

"For 90 years Weigel's has been delivering east Tennessee's favorite milk, and this new addition just adds to the tradition. We're excited about its introduction, especially at this special time in Weigel's history, and we are already hard at work with our future flavors," Triantafellou added. "The newest milk came as a direct result of two things: we wanted to introduce a new flavor that was indicative of and could highlight our 90th anniversary and the success we've had with our peanut butter chocolate milk. After research, we know that when our guests think of birthday cakes, they think of buttercream and vanilla. So, this was the ideal flavor to help celebrate our achievement of 90 years. It's a perfect combination of timing and data."

Beginning May 3, Birthday Cake flavored milk will be available at all of Weigel's 69 convenience stores for a limited time in pints and quarts. It is free of antibiotics, GMOs and rBST growth hormones.

"We focused on finding a higher quality mix this time around with our Birthday Milk. We received feedback the previous milk flavor was a bit high in calories, so it was a big focus of ours to bring that down while keeping this amazing flavor profile," he added. "By using our 2% milk and working closely with our dairy, we were able to produce a fantastic product. When you see it in the bottle and it is this bright robin’s egg blue, it just pops. It should bring a lot of excitement to a milk door that traditionally has little to no excitement about it."

Weigel's is a family-owned and -operated business. In addition to c-stores, it operates a dairy and a bakery all within a 125-mile radius of corporate headquarters in Powell.

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