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ROCHESTER, N.H. -- Police are looking to arrest a man on assault charges for smashing a microwaved hamburger in a convenience store clerk's face in a dispute over payment, reported the Associated Press.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a 37-year-old man from Maine on charges of simple assault and criminal mischief, both misdemeanors.

Investigators say the man got angry on when the c-store clerk would not allow him to pay for a hamburger while it was heating in the store microwave. Police said the clerk, Scott Litzenberger, told the man he had to bring the burger to the counter 15 feet away to pay for it.

After a sharp exchange of words, the man walked back to the microwave, removed the steaming burger and walked back to Litzenberger. The two apparently exchanged a few brief words again, when the customer "just lost it," according to another clerk. Instead of paying for it, the man shoved it into the clerk's face, burning his face and eye, police Sgt. Anthony Triano said.

"That time of night, you tend to get people who are belligerent. They want things they can't have and we just try and do our job," said Bill Rollo, another clerk at the store.
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