Weird but True: SpongeBob-Clad Man Robs 7-Eleven Store

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Weird but True: SpongeBob-Clad Man Robs 7-Eleven Store


ORLANDO, Fla. -- SpongeBob Squarepants is certainly not known as a menacing character. However, a man dressed as the cartoon character allegedly robbed a 7-Eleven store in the area along with an accomplice, WPBF-TV reported.

"It's not unusual for criminals to distinguish their identity," Twis Lizasuain, spokesman for the Osceola County Sheriff, told the television station."It is unusual he would use that particular character."

The alleged robbers entered the store, fired several shots and escaped with a drawer full of cash, according to the report. Nobody was injured.

Although wearing full regalia of the character that lives in a "pineapple under the sea" is quite rare, it's not unheard of, according to the New York Daily News. Last month, a man wearing pajamas depicting the Nickelodeon character held up a dollar store. And in 2003, a 12-year-old boy wearing SpongeBob socks was busted by cops for trying to rob a bank of $30,000.