Weird but True: Thieves Go to Extremes to Hide Identities

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Weird but True: Thieves Go to Extremes to Hide Identities


DALLAS -- Desperate times call for desperate measures, and convenience store thieves are no different -- going to great lengths to shield their faces.

Earlier this week, a "masked" robber walked into a Dallas Exxon TigerMart during the evening rush. The male suspect was wearing a black and white flowered dress, white boots and a pair of panties over his face. Yes, panties. According to a report by KTLA, the suspect pointed what appeared to be a gun from underneath his dress and allegedly demanded money from the cashier and a customer. He then fled with an undetermined amount of money.

Another c-store robber in Oklahoma City chose to use a more well-recognized disguise -- that of Spider-Man. Police are looking for two masked men, one of whom was wearing a mask of the famed web slinger himself, who allegedly robbed Fred's Food Mart on Aug. 5. The store surveillance camera, which captured the holdup on video, shows a man wearing a Spider-Man mask point a gun at the clerk. His cohort can be seen wearing a blue mask, according to

News of the these "masked" thieves come two weeks after a man dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants allegedly robbed a 7-Eleven store in the Orlando, Fla. area, as CSNews Online previously reported. And it's not the first time the Nickelodeon character has been used for less than wholesome purposes. In July, a man wearing pajamas depicting the Nickelodeon character held up a dollar store. And in 2003, a 12-year-old boy wearing SpongeBob socks was busted by cops for trying to rob a bank of $30,000.