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What's New In The Cold Vault

Organic Protein Superfood Smoothies

Sambazon adds a new functional beverage line to its group of organic Amazon foods: Organic Protein Superfood Smoothies in Acai Berry + Chocolate and Acai Berry + Vanilla flavors. Each smoothie includes the acai berry, 10 grams of vegan whole food protein from hemp and chocolate or vanilla soy milk, plus antioxidants and healthy omegas. The smoothies come in 10.5-ounce bottles at a suggested retail price of $2.99 each. They are available at Whole Foods Markets and select grocers nationwide.

Sambazon San

Clemente, Calif.

(877) 726-2296

Oceanspray 100% Juice

Oceanspray tripled the amount of refreshment consumers can enjoy with its two latest juice combinations:

100% Juice Cranberry, Pomegranate,

Cherry and 100% Juice Cranberry,

Blueberry, Blackberry. Each jug contains only juice and no added sugar,

artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. A single glass fulfills the daily requirement for vitamin C and equals two servings of fruit. Oceanspray also offers a list of recipes for cocktails, smoothies, marinades and more that can be made with the juice at www.oceanspray. com/recipes.


Lakeville-Middleboro, Mass.

(508) 946-1000

Uncle Matt's Lemonade

Uncle Matt's Organic expanded its line of juices with the new Homestyle Lemonade. Every lemon used in the not-from-concentrate, flash-pasteurized refrigerated lemonade comes from freshly squeezed organic lemons, which are grown without the use of synthetic

pesticides. According to the company, the lemonade strives for a perfect balance of tart and sweet. It comes in a family-size 59-ounce bottle with a suggested retail price of $4.99. Uncle Matt's also makes Organic Grapefruit Juice and Organic Orange Juice.

Uncle Matt's Organic

Clermont, Fla.

(352) 394-8737

Stella Artois Chalice Can

Stella Artois, the internationally best-selling Belgian beer, is now available in an aluminum can for the first time. Traditionally meant to be drunk from a chalice, the “chalice can,” which displays the silhouetted image of Stella Artois's signature glass,

is a 14.9-ounce can that is sold in four-packs and 10-packs.

The 10-pack is specially designed to be a space-saving, easy-to-open pack called “Pour le Fridge” (“For the fridge” in French), the company stated. The can is ideal for outdoor occasions where drinking from a glass is not permitted.


St. Louis, Mo.

(314) 577-2000

Black Star Beer 24-ounce Cans

Black Star Beer is now available in 24-ounce cans for the first time ever. The Great Northern Brewing Co.'s double-hopped lager is distributed

in Montana, Washington, Oregon,

California and Nevada. The traditional European-style Pilsner beer is made with Czech Saaz hops, Bavarian

Mittelfrüh and two-row malting barley. After being hopped in the kettle, it is hopped once more to create a full-bodied lager flavor. Each can retails for a suggested $1.99.

The Great Northern Brewing Co.

Whitefish, Mont.

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