What's New In Tobacco

Cheyenne Cushion Tipped Cigars

Cheyenne International introduced a new line of products, Cheyenne Cushion Tipped Cigars. The larger cigars are available in a five-count pack in Full Flavor, Wine, Vanilla and Wild Cherry styles. Cheyenne Cushion Tipped Cigars are a new standard, offering a bigger cigar, bigger value and bigger taste, according to the company.

Cheyenne International LLC

grover, N.C.

(866) 254-6975



Adventure Industries' Kratomite is the world's first electronic cigarette to deliver Kratom, a medicinal herb known for its concentration of alkaloids, according to the company. Kratom interacts with opioid receptors, which may offer users relaxing sensations. Unlike tobacco-alternative electronic cigarettes, Kratomite is a personal vaporizer that uses a proprietary, herbal-infused formula, said the maker.

Adventure Industries

Pembroke Park, Fla.

(800) 999-2483, ext. 1287

[email protected]

Buoy Pipe Tobacco

Rouseco Inc.'s new line of Buoy pipe tobacco is hitting store shelves now. It is available in five blends: Full Flavor, Natural, Mint, Mild and Silver. According to the company, the Buoy line is a robust, flavorful addition to Rouseco's Golden Harvest pipe tobacco. The product comes in 6-ounce and 16-ounce bags; other sizes are available upon request. There are 24 bags to a case. All Rouseco blends are true "All-American" blends of premium tobaccos that are manufactured daily, the manufacturer stated.

Rouseco Inc.

Kinston, N.C.

(888) 372-8622


NicStick Electronic Cigarettes

NicStick Electronic Cigarettes added two products to its lineup: the EnVogue-XL and the NicStick Sirius Starter Kit. EnVogue-XL is a disposable e-cigarette that boasts 500 puffs and is priced about 20 percent less than other disposable brands, according to the company. The NicStick Sirius Starter Kit sports a 90-time rechargeable battery and a lower suggested retail price than standard starter kits, the supplier noted. Available in both regular and menthol flavors — 18 milligram and 24 milligram — the kit uses a direct liquid atomizer system (tank heating unit) and a filterless tank cartridge.

NicStick Electronic Cigarettes


(888) 707-3244


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