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White Hen and 7-Eleven Offer Group Coffee Containers

CHICAGO -- White Hen Pantry Inc. and and 7-Eleven Inc.'s new beverage carafe packaging for the on-the-go coffee market will soon be offered in select stores. Packaging company International Dispensing Corp. is supplying the carafe which allows consumers to carry one gallon of hot coffee and keep it hot for up to three hours.

By November, the beverage carafe will be behind counters of selected 7-Eleven stores. All 216 Chicago-area White Hen convenience stores will roll out the beverage carafe later this month.

"We're really excited about this new product, as we feel it will be instrumental in driving our coffee program to the next level," said Carol Ann Sandell, coffee category manager of White Hen. "We can now, efficiently and safely, provide our customers the opportunity to transport their favorite coffee to share with friends, colleagues and business associates."

Ari Frank, advertising manager for White Hen, believes the new carafe will be convenient for both customers and employees. "The new carafe uses two pots of coffee instead of one and a half like our old one," Frank said. "Store employees can just brew two pots and won’t have to worry about a half pot being left behind."

The beverage carafe is made of a sterile, flexible, nylon pouch attached to a rigid plastic frame with corrugated side panels that attach to the outside of the frame.

Target customers for the carafe include construction and road crews, college students and faculty or any meetings or group functions. The product's suggested retail price is $11.99, including the coffee. Both convenience chains are offering a refill program in select markets.
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