Williams Commits to Meet Fuel Needs

The Williams Cos. Inc. has pledged to keep all petroleum facilities open and at maximum production levels to meet demand while energy commodity exchanges are out of commission.

"We are committed to stabilizing wholesale prices as much as possible during this time of uncertainty in the marketplace," said Randy Newcomer, Williams' vice president of refining and marketing. "Obviously, we don't have any control over world crude oil prices, but there is no reason for anyone to panic. Product availability is adequate and we are working hard to meet all customer requirements."

Williams reported record levels of sales with volume doubling out of its two Memphis-area truck racks yesterday as wholesale customers topped off their tanks. Williams' Memphis refinery plans to increase its gasoline production by 5 percent this weekend to ensure adequate gasoline availability.

The company also said it would work diligently to provide fair and reasonable retail gasoline pricing at its 60-location network of Williams TravelCenters. Williams operates a 9,000-mile petroleum pipeline that delivers refined products to various destinations throughout the Midwest. This pipeline system has been fully operational throughout the week.
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