Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers Fight Proposed Oil Franchise Tax

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Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers Fight Proposed Oil Franchise Tax

Madison, Wis. -- The Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (WPMCA) is airing radio ads to educate the public and state policy makers on the ramifications of the Oil Franchise Tax, which was proposed to raise funds for transportation projects.

WPMCA released two 60-second radio spots that will air statewide during the next month urging listeners to tell their legislators to oppose the Oil Franchise Tax. The ads spotlight experts predicting the Oil Franchise Tax may not tax the profits of "Big Oil," as intended. The association's members believe the tax will be passed on to local retailers and consumers.

"Our members understand funds need to be raised for transportation infrastructure," said WPMCA President Matt Hauser. "These ads are not about whether the state needs money for road and highway projects -- we know they do -- our businesses depend on maintaining this type of infrastructure. But we're confident there's a better way to raise the money than with a hidden tax that fluctuates with the price of motor vehicle fuel.

Hauser continued: "Transportation infrastructure development is critical to Wisconsin’s economy. It's so important that we shouldn't jeopardize it with a volatile and potentially unconstitutional funding source. Let's work together to find a better solution."

WPMCA represents more than 2,000 independent petroleum marketers, convenience store owners, truck stop and travel plaza operators, automotive oil change outlets and other automotive service providers. These companies sell more than 80 percent of the motor fuel and nearly all the farm fuel and heating oil sold in Wisconsin.