Women Seeking Brands That Motivate Them to Be Healthy

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Women Seeking Brands That Motivate Them to Be Healthy


SAN FRANCISCO -- Regardless of age, 74 percent of women are motivated to be healthy, according to Kathy Oneto, vice president of brand strategy for Anthem Worldwide’s San Francisco office. The branding and design community recently conducted a Health and Wellness study, which contrasts women’s motivations with the expectations they feel.

“The attitude of today’s women about health and wellness is that they would rather live according to their internal motivations and not to external expectations,” Oneto said.

Anthem Worldwide’s study of three generations of women examined what they really want from health and wellness and what makes them motivated to achieve it -- getting beyond what she feels she should do to understanding what she wants to do.

“Women are open to — and are in fact seeking — brands to motivate them to be healthy and well so they can reach their goals at any life stage,” Oneto noted. “The brands that speak to this desire authentically have an opportunity to build lasting connections with generations of women.”

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