Year in Review -- 2Q 2010

Heading into the Spring of 2010, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the biggest national news story and captured the attention of a majority of visitors to CSNews Online. By June, many station owners were re-evaluating their brand choice of gasoline in an attempt to put distance between themselves and BP.

Other heavily viewed stories of the quarter included details of a new 7-Eleven distribution plan, Senate machinations over the industry-hated cap-and-trade bill passed by the House, and continued divestitures of sites by the major oil companies. Below are the top two stories per month based on user views at To read the complete story, click on the link after each blurb.


President Signs PACT Act to Stem Illegal Tobacco Sales Over Internet

President Barack Obama yesterday signed the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT Act), which addresses the long-standing convenience store industry concern about tax evasion by remote sellers of tobacco products. click here for full story.

Teamsters Leak Details of 7-Eleven/Coke Distribution Plan

Some details of 7-Eleven's test of an alternative delivery system for typical DSD (direct-store delivery) products came to light this week when Teamsters officials complained that use of a third-party logistics company would eliminate hundreds of union jobs. click here for full story.


Immigration Reform Pushed Ahead of Climate Change Bill in Senate

Over the weekend, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who had been working on climate change legislation with Democrat John Kerry and independent Joseph Lieberman, said he would suspend his involvement in negotiations on a Senate climate bill due to what he called a "cynical ploy" by Democrats to make immigration reform a higher priority. click here for full story.

Walmart Plans Small for the Future

Walmart is planning to open a smaller version of its large Supercenter store format in the Los Angeles area, one of the first of a new breed of smaller stores that it hopes can deliver a new phase of U.S. growth. click here for full story.


C-stores Seek Distance From BP Oil Spill

As U.S. consumers vent their frustration over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by launching demonstrations and speaking out online, some retailers are evaluating their gas brand choice. click here for full story.

BP to Sell 114 Sites

BP PLC put 114 gasoline stations and convenience store properties located in 22 states up for sale. click here for full story.

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